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Planned program


College of Visegrád+ Weekend University - draft programme
(3-9th of April, 2024)



Wednesday, 3rd of April


(until 20:00) Arrival: check-in at the accommodation.

(20:00-22:00) Welcome dinner.


Thursday, 4th of April


(08:00-08:45) Breakfast.

(09:00-09:45) Opening Ceremony of the College of Visegrad+ Winter University in the Széchényi Assembly Hall.

 (09:45:10:45) Keynote lecture: “The History of Central Europe from the Visegrád Congress to the Visegrád Group”.

(10:45-11:00) Coffee break.

(11:00-12:30) Roundtable on the future of the V4.


(12:30-13:30) Lunch.


(13:30-14:00) Campus tour.

(14:00-15:30) Debate: "Troublemakers or valuable team players?
The role of the V4 in international relations within the European and global geopolitical context

(15:30-15:45) Coffee break

(15:45-17:15) Case study: “Common V4 advocacy in our European Union: is there stability and internal consensus within the V4? ”.

(17:15-17:30) Coffee break.

(17:30-18:30) V4 MEP Talk.

(18:30-20:00) Dinner.


Friday, 5th of April

(08:00-08:45) Breakfast.

(09:00-10:30) Workshop: "The economic potential of the V4 and its breakthrough modernization opportunities".

(10:30-10:45) Coffee break.

(10:45-12:15) Lecture: "A green policy for the Visegrád Group – an ideal or a realistic approach?
                The sustainability of the V4 in light of the European Green Deal and the green transition


(12:15-13:15) Lunch.


(13:15-14:45) Lecture: "The preparedness of the V4 for the challenges of the 21st century:

will AI bring about a new world order or is it just an overestimated device?"

(14:45-15:00) Coffee break.

(15:00-16:30) Discussion: "V4 security and defence policy in the context of the war in Ukraine.

(16:30-16:45) Coffee break.

(16:45-18:45) Students’ Debate.

(19:00-20:00) Dinner.


Saturday, 6th of April


(08:00-08:45) Breakfast.

(09:00-11:30) Discussion of the "College of Visegrad+ Students’ Position Paper on the Future of the V4".

(11:30-11:45) Coffee break.

(11:45-13:00) Debating of the "College of Visegrad+ Students’ Position Paper on the Future of the V4".


(13:00-14:00) Lunch.


(14:00-15:30) Drafting of the "College of Visegrad+ Students’ Position Paper on the Future of the V4".

(15:30-15:45) Coffee break.

(15:45-18:00) Cultural programme.

(18:00-22:00) Dinner.


Sunday, 7th of April


(09:00-09:45) Breakfast.

(10:00-11:00) Negotiation simulation.

(11:00-11:15) Coffee break.

(11:15-13:00) Negotiation simulation.


(13:00-14:00) Lunch.


(14:00-18:00) Cultural programme.

(18:00-20:00) Extracurricular time.

(20:00-21:30) Dinner.


Monday, 8th of April


(08:00-08:45) Breakfast.

(09:30-12:30) Parliamentary visit.


(12:30-13:30) Lunch.


(13:30-16:30) Cultural programme – organized in cooperation with the Ottó von Habsburg Foundation.

(16:30-18:00) Closing ceremony: the students will present the "College of Visegrád+ Students’ Position Paper on the Future of the V4" document they have drafted and the certificates of the Weekend University will be handed over.

(18:00-20:00) Farewell dinner.


Tuesday, 9th of April


(08:00-09:00) Breakfast.

(-10:00) Check-out from the accommodation, departure.

(10:00-) Departure.